Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Governance Structure

Oasis Charitable Trust is the sole member of Oasis Community Learning (OCL) and appoints members of the OCL board.

You can view our governance structure, including the board and committees in our Scheme of Delegation here :


Scheme of Delegation Nov 2018 | PDF

Oasis Charitable Trust is the sole member of Oasis Community Learning (OCL) and appoints members of the OCL board.

The OCL Board meets formally four times during the year. The term of office for any Board member is four years and thereafter they may be re-appointed.

Attendance at Board meetings during the 2016/17 academic year was as follows:

Name of Director     Attendance during 2017/18 academic year
  Appointed Resigned Attended Out of a possible
Nicholas Bent 1 April 2008   4 4
Andrew Blundell 11 Oct 2012   3 4
Craig Dean 9 Oct 2014   2 4
Keith Dennis (Chair) 7 Oct 2010   4 4
Ann Holt 13 Sept 2007   2 4
Anthony Lowman 21 Jan 2009   3 4
Graham Mungeam 7 Nov 2008   4 4
Nita Rogers 14 Dec 2016   4 3
Andrew Simmonds 24 April 2009   3 4
John Whiter 14 Dec 2009   1 4

The Board has appointed three sub-committees:

(a) The Audit & Risk Committee (Chair: Andy Simmonds) whose responsibilities cover:

  • Internal controls and risk management
  • Compliance, whistleblowing and fraud
  • Policy review
  • Internal Audit
  • External Audit and statutory financial reporting

(b) A Board Finance Committee was established in December 2015 (Chair: Andy Simmonds). Its responsibilities cover:

  • Financial strategy
  • Monitoring and review
  • Budget
  • Treasury
  • Governance & Regulation

(c) The Performance Evaluation Committee (Chair: Andy Blundell) whose responsibilities cover:

  • Evaluation of key indicators, especially educational performance data
  • Assessing progress of the academies over time against National OCL targets
  • Identifying success and urgent priorities for remedial action

Attendance at Sub Committee meetings

Attendance during 2016/17 academic year
  Attended Out of a possible
Audit & Risk Committee    
Andrew Simmonds (Chair) 4 4
Anthony Lowman 3 4
Graham Mungeam 3 4
John Whiter 3 4
Performance Evaluation Committee    
Andrew Blundell (Chair) 3 3
Keith Dennis 3 3
Nicholas Bent 3 3
Nita Rogers 1 1
Finance Committee    
Andrew Simmonds (Chair) 4 4
Graham Mungeam 3 4
John Whiter 3 4
Anthony Lowman 3 4

Academy Councils

In addition to the sub committees listed above the third strand of governance is the Academy Councils. Academy Councils are made up of a mix of local people including staff, parents and sponsor nominees. Academy Council members are appointed by the National Executive.

As the National Executive takes responsibility for educational standards, legal compliance and financial viability, the Academy Council can focus on the standards on the ground, to see how they are working, and explore how the Oasis Ethos and Philosophy of Education are being understood and expressed in the way the Academy operates.

Oasis Community Learning – Business & Pecuniary Interests of Board members

Board Member Relevant Business Interests
Nicholas Bent
  • Founder & CEO of The Tutor Trust (education charity)
Andrew Blundell
  • Trustee of Bowles Outdoor Centre (outdoor education)
Craig Dean
  • CEO/Shareholder of Web Applications UK (software development)
  • Managing Director/Shareholder of General Commercial Objects Ltd (holding company of Web Applications
    UK Ltd & Windsor Works)
  • Managing Director/Shareholder of WAUK Centre of Excellence Ltd (training & exam centre)
  • Managing Director/Shareholder of Web Applications Tech Angels Ltd
  • Vice President of Oldham Chamber of Commerce
  • Chair of Hack Oldham (community project)
Keith Dennis
  • Representative on Birmingham SACRE (markets and sells RE materials)
Ann Holt
  • Executive Director of Diocese of Chichester Board of Education;
  • Non-Executive Director of Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust
  • Trustee of Tenax Trust (Multi Academy Trust)
  • Trustee of Culham St Gabriel Trust (Religious Education Charity)
Anthony Lowman Nil
Graham Mungeam
  • Trustee of Oasis Charitable Trust;
  • Trustee of Oasis International Association;
  • Trustee of Health Affiliates India UK Trust – dormant Trust
Nita Rogers
  • Associate of Linden Learning (Consultancy, Training & Coaching)
  • Independent Consultant for Southwark Council (School Improvement)
Andrew Simmonds
  • Trustee of Oasis Charitable Trust;
  • Director of Oasis IT Services Ltd.
  • Company Secretary of Tonbridge Baptist Church;
  • Trustee of Tonbridge Counselling Service
  • Trustee of Recovery Two (addiction recovery charity)
John Whiter
  • Trustee of Oasis International Association;
  • Director of Argenta Syndicate Management Ltd (Insurance underwriting);
  • Director of Argenta Holdings Ltd (Insurance broking)
  • Director of The Buoys Management Ltd
  • Director of Ed Broking Group Ltd (Insurance broking
  • Director of Ed Broking London Ltd (Insurance broking)
Accounting Officer (Joy Madeiros)
  • Trustee of Work Talk